#safe holidays

There will be some small changes, but as good italian people, we will do everything possible to make your holidays pleasant 🏖

SAFE HOLIDAYS book and cancel free of charge up to 14 days before check-in. In case of cancellation beyond 14 days, the deposit will not be lost, but you can use it for another stay by the end of the season
FAST CHECK-IN make sure you can leave (that you have not been quarantined, that you have not had contact with positive people in the last 14 days and that you have no respiratory symptoms), it is also valid for your travel companions, prepare your identity documents before entering the reception – at the entrance we will measure your temperature through a thermoscanner, so you will be sure that all the people who enter the hotel, including you, do not have a fever and you’ll be asked to sign a self-certification, where you declare to be in good health conditions
ALWAYS WEAR YOUR MASK when walking through the common areas
TOP CLEANING Those who know us already know that cleaning has always been meticulously cared for by us. This year we will devote even more attention to the sanitation of common areas and rooms with surgical medical devices; the rooms will be sanitized at every departure and cleaned daily with certified products. All common areas will be treated several times a day with an atomizer, in order to control the risk of infection by viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores and of contamination of objects or environments.
SANITIZING GEL available in the common areas, on each floor and at the entrance of the restaurant.
BREAKFAST spacing of tables as per regional protocol – the buffet will be there, but you will not be able to serve yourself! Choose what you want, communicate it to the dining room staff and sit at your table, waiting to be served
LUNCH and DINNER mommys cuisine with a choice o 3 menus -appetizers and salads served directly at the table by the dining room staff. No more buffets, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of variety!
RESTAURANT with discounts for our guests both on table service and on delivery (order your lunch and enjoy it on the beach or in our outdoor area)
SEA AND SAND ARE SAFE ELEMENTS (as confirmed by the research director of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità Giovanni Rezza) – staying on our beaches and swimming in the sea can only guarantee you maximum wellness and moments of relaxation. Use the mask to enter and exit the beach. The beds will be sanitized constantly. The umbrellas will be more than 4 meters away from each other. Remember to keep a distance of 1 meter from people who do not belong to your family.
Let’s go back to normal..let’s start from the holidays heart
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