La domus del chirurgo

Just two years after its opening, this small Pompeii re-emerged from the darkness of the centuries in the heart of the city has already exceeded 150 thousand entrances.
A success that makes it one of the main cultural tourist attractions of the city to go around the world, the importance of the completely exceptional archaeological find that has been found here: the richest surgical kit of the Roman world known to us.
It is an evocative scenography where 2000 years of history flow in a frame designed with the most current criteria of musealization.
To open to the eyes of the visitor is an archaeological area of 700 square meters. which returned the tools of the work of a surgeon who worked inside a house in Ariminum of the third century, intended in part for the exercise of the medical and pharmaceutical profession.
. An excavation that the architectural work protects and enhances, offering it to the eyes of passers-by.
The structure fits into the urban space integrating into the garden of Piazza Ferrari: inside a system of transparent walkways, suspended on the ancient structures, allows an agile reading.
As chance would have it, the Domus is located right next to the Museum, of which it is an integral part, completing its itinerary.

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