The old fish market and places of fun

There are two beating hearts of the Rimini ‘movida’ that, depending on the seasons, turn on the nightlife: the port area and Marina centro, with street bars and clubs on the beach, and the squares and alleys of the historic center behind the ‘Vecchia Pescheria’, every evening thousands of young people meet for an aperitif, a concert, a meeting.
The old fish market is the perfect combination of the charm of history and trendy meeting points: wine cellars, pubs, restaurants, outdoor tables, candle lights.
The area of pescheria Vecchia, in the heart of the historic center, is a bit like the Montmartre of Rimini.
Among medieval squares and romantic alleys takes place the nightlife of the youth of Rimini.
You dine under the stars in a centuries-old square or you have a drink chatting under a white colonnade, everything happens around the Pescheria Vecchia (which overlooks Piazza Cavour) with its eighteenth-century marble counters.
Here many trends were born then exported to the rest of Italy: from finger food to mini-dishes on small glasses or decorated spoons.
For those who want to meet or meet people, the Pescheria Vecchia is a landing place just 12 months a year.
A fashion exploded with the opening of the Rimini branch of the University of Bologna that brought over 6000 students from all over Italy.
A curiosity: in the poetic Piazzetta Gregorio da Rimini there is the oldest book store in the city: the Rimini Library (which in summer is also open in the evening) and at number 4 the house where the off-site high school student Giovanni Pascoli lived (1855)

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