Hotel Eco-friendly

Do you know what the term eco-friendly means❓

💡It means being a friend of the earth, behaving in such a way as to pollute as little as possible and preserving what we have, namely the planet in which we live, nature and the environment 🌿🌳🌵🌲🍀

Here is what we at Hotel Monica have managed to do (up to now) to respect our planet:


✔️solar panels

✔️air conditioning shutdown sensors every time you open the window

✔️low consumption or led bulbs

✔️thermo insulating fixtures

✔️energy-efficient appliances

✔️use of linen and tablecloths in natural fabrics, which do not require the use of heavy pesticides to be grown


✔️prevalent use of fruit and vegetables from farm to table

✔️control and reduction of food waste

✔️separate waste collection


✔️microfiltered water served in glass bottles for less plastic consumption

✔️purified water for less consumption of soaps and detergents used for cleaning

✔️breaker filters on all taps

✔️reduction of plastic and elimination of single-dose sachets

✔️condensing boiler (reduces emissions of harmful gases, thanks to the recovery of latent heat, which would otherwise be dispersed in the fumes)

✔️the linen is washed by an industrial laundry, which recovers 70% of water from each wash

Each of us must respect the planet, taking all measures not to waste and pollute.

This is just the beginning. This is evolution!☀️❤️🌎🌍🌏

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